Behind the Scenes

This post isn’t really magical if that what you’re looking for. This post is just behind the scenes info and a peak into human side of my life.

I’ve been feeling a ‘change’ vibe for awhile. Battling some Wanderlust.  I’ve told The Renaissance Man. He didn’t like that. He still believes that he doesn’t like change. Silly Muggle.

About a month ago my suspicions were confirmed or rather clarified. Long story short, it looks like we may be moving out of our tiny little hobbit house.

Yes, first reaction was a freak out! For Both of us. Followed by some serious swearing. I’m totally not ready to move, not physically, not mentally, and definitely not financially.

But once the shock wore off, I felt that spark, that energy, the magic butterflies… the possibilities. The Renaissance Man, not as much, he’s stubborn that way… Silly Muggle.

In his defense, he’s put a lot of sweat equity into this house with the understanding that it would be ours someday. It took a few conversations to point out the faults in this property and open him up to the possibilities.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted a big white farmhouse with a wrap around porch and an expanse of land to grow gardens; vegetable garden, fruit gardens, herb garden, secret tucked away garden. And trees, Lots of trees. I love trees.

Maybe it was growing up reading Little House on the Prairie or maybe it’s my ancestors (They lost the farm in the depression), but that was the picture in my head, That’s where my heart goes when I loosen the reins. My happy place.

I buried that dream for a while because circumstances put my sorry ass in the City, with all the people and pollution and noise.  I did my best, no matter where I lived, to enjoy the postage stamp yards and make them magical.

Having to move, means the possibility of buying a house with a bigger yard, more land, more nature.

I’ve recently found a word for what I’ve always wanted.


I’ve also learned that I already do so much of what a Homesteader does.

I grow my own herbs and vegetables. I preserve the things I grow. I cook 90 % of my meals from scratch. I can sew, I can crochet, I can knit now, Whoohoo!

The Renaissance Man can paint, sculpt, cook, bake, design and build things. (Hence his nick-name)  He does almost all the maintenance on our home and vehicles. He’s pretty freakin’ amazing!

The only thing we lack here is animals. They’re against the city ordinances and our space is already cramped.

I would like to keep chickens for eggs, and goats for milk (and because they’re adorable). I’ve also learned to spin fiber this year, so sheep or alpacas have entered the dream.

The animal part still seems very far away, if at all possible but the moving to a house with more land is now on the table although its going to take us at least a year to get the finances back in order.

Now I have to go back a bit to tell you that I got to that Hopeful, Excited Place before The Renaissance Man. It’s pretty typical. He likes to hang on to his worry; pet it and cuddle it and call it George. He has back up plans for his back up plan. He’s not really good with the whole “Trust the Universe” thing.  It took a bit of counseling, a card reading, some logic and a threat to get him on board.

Pretty much I pointed out that he needed to stay positive about this, or at the very least put it in a box and forget about it because I’d be working some magic and if his bad juju threw a wrench in all my good work, there would be hell to pay.

He laughed….nervously.

Its been a couple weeks since this all transpired. We have a finance plan in place to get rid of some debts and save some money. It’ll be at least a year before we can start looking at properties.

The focus is now,  will be on the side-business, my Etsy shop and blog.  Its always been good economic sense to have multiple streams of income. Doing that from home makes us happier people

The world needs happier people.

After 11 years of me running the Etsy shop and begging him to contribute, he’s  considering it.

I told you, he’s stubborn. If he actually does, is another question. He’s in the workshop honing his skills and making cool pieces for Christmas gifts. He may or may not be planning cool trinket and boxes to sell. We shall see.

I will be making a list of all the things I need to list on Etsy. I’ve got bundles of herbs drying and a stack of yarn craft waiting for new homes.

I’ve been doing this long enough to know the steps. I kind of burnt out and took a break but we agreed that its time for me to jump back in and do the work.

  • The making part is easy. I love the making part. The media may change but the joy is the same.
  • The photos and editing are tedious. Switching from the SLR digital camera to my phone camera may make life easier. I won’t have to transfer to the laptop to edit. Let me know if you notice a difference in quality.
  • The listing part isn’t hard. Etsy makes it pretty easy.
  • The Social Media stuff is where I struggle. Not because I can’t do it just because it always takes more time that I want it to. Let’s all wave our wands together since I can’t seem to find a working time-turner.

The biggest change for me right now may actually work in my favor. The Renaissance Man and I discussed this blog.

The Renaissance Man

A candid shot of The Renaissance Man investing sweat equity

*queue ominous music*

Okay, I rambled, he nodded a lot and occasionally made suggestions. Our final agreement is that this can’t be just a witchy blog. It can’t just be about those fun topics like plants and magic and tools that I’ve made and Goddesses that I work with.

It has to expand into the rest of our life because basically everything I do is flavored with my beliefs and touched by my magic.

This has to be a lifestyle blog. And it should chronicle the journey we are about to embark. From the very beginning (now) through all the ups and downs. The fun parts and boring parts and all the magic I work in between.

I guess I’m saying that their will be more behind the scenes type posts which  gives me more topics to write about! Which should, in theory, translate to more posts.s

Wish me luck!